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Where are you on your journey with God?

Whether you are a seasoned Saint of the Lord, have stumbled upon this website out of curiosity, or you need to renew your covenant with God, I am here to help!

I don’t know Jesus as my Savior but I want to know more?

Learn the truth about Christianity and how none of us have it all together. See how your tragedies can be turned into a mighty Testimony. You are so welcome here!

I’ve grown cold in my walk with God and I’m backsliding.

I know first hand what it’s like to backslide away from the Lord and being lukewarm is no place to be. Jesus is waiting with open arms, so let’s return with a repentant heart.

Did someone say Disciple? Give me the Meat of the Word please!

Here we will dive deep into some hard truths, uncomfortable topics, and issues the Church tends to ignore. Are you ready to grow? Come on then!

Wanting to know God on a deeper level like never before…

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Welcome to ATZC

I’m Randi, a Warrior in Gods End Time Army

Here to be about my Father’s Kingdom Business. Appointed to wake up the apostate and sleeping church, tear down satans kingdom, and reach lost souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ready to join me? – This ministry is ordained by the Holy Spirit to speak what is upon the Father’s heart in the Last Days. There is no time to play church any longer! The Remnant of God is rising in unison with the same message:

Repent, turn to Christ, Repent. It’s time to get off the fence of lukewarmness, pick a side and get going with a fire ablaze in your bones. Judgement is upon our doorstep and we cannot stand by idly any longer. ~ Lets GO!

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About Me

About Me

A Little About Me.. Hello! Thank You for swinging by and spending your time here with us. I’m Randi, a single Mom of two kids, who’s desperately in love with Jesus. A former stripper, drug dealer, addict, child abuse survivor and sinner. I’ve been set free by the Precious Blood of Christ, no longer an…